Once upon a time I made a living telling other people’s stories. I sat in a windowless office spinning yarns for some of the world’s biggest brands. I got so used to telling other people’s stories that when it came to making my own, I got writer’s block. I’d forgotten how to drive my own narrative forward. Making a good living but not really living. So one day, I wrote myself right out of that job. And wrote myself into a road trip across the country. Then into a harvest party on top of Fiesole, into a chocolate factory in Switzerland and a flower market in Paris. I wrote myself into a part-time job at an enchanted wine shop. I wrote myself into Portuguese lessons and bartending lessons and cooking lessons in Mexico and a street photography adventure in Cuba (pictured). Lately I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to be a farmer. So I just wrote myself onto a farm on Shelter Island for the month of May. Now I make stories instead of tell them. When I’m not making my own stories, I’m helping other people get out of the same old story so they can start making new ones, too. It’s so easy to make a new story once you decide to do it. Sharpen your pencil. Let’s thicken this plot.

Stephanie Najor is wellness expert, certified in Ayurveda and Whole Food, Plant-Based Medicine. She has spent years collecting tools such as meditation, pranayama, reiki, tapping, HeartMath, reflexology, muscle-testing and more. She believes illness starts in the mind, but so does wellness, and has made it her life’s mission to help people help themselves. She won’t eat ketchup no matter how much you pay her and you won’t catch her without her rose-colored glasses because they go with everything.